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Epoch Integra Arm Pads

Epoch Integra Arm Pads

Epoch Integra Arm Pads
Epoch Epoch - Integra, White, Black
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The Integra Arm Pad is engineered with a two piece 4-way stretch spandex, 1” elastic bands, internal silicone print to reduce slippage and reinforced with TPU for extremely comfortable arm protection. The revolutionary Sandwich Locking System eliminates pad slippage while allowing for a customized fit and added protection. The hard shell cap with carbon fiber reinforcement is designed to give players needed protection without limiting maneuverability. Live.Play.Be. Technologies: Phase Change Technology: The next generation in performance textile innovation. This proactive patented technology is engineered to absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort and moisture control. This allows you to perform at your best in all climates—longer. Flexible Carbon Fiber (Carbitex): Epoch’s engineers incorporated Non-Rigid Stabilized Carbon Fiber into the design for improved protection. This extremely lightweight and “flexible” carbon fiber has improved impact protection and abrasion resistance making Integra the new choice for today’s top players. Compression Molded Dual Density Foam: This foam reduces the amount of stitching needed on the pad, improving flexibility, movement and protection. From a design standpoint, this also allows Epoch to be more precise in the shape of the pad, giving the Integra Protective Line an overall cleaner, and more precise look.


Epoch - Integra
  • Black
  • White


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