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We care about our customers.
To show our gratitude, we've made it super easy to save on our items. Koins can be applied to nearly any product at checkout, so they will always come in handy. 

How to Earn Koins


  • 1 Koin is earned after $1 is spent
  • Koins are given automatically after Lax Kong Purchases 
  • 1 Koin = 5 cents | 100 Koins = $5 Off| 300 Koins = $15 Off 
  • Cash in your Koins for coupons that can be applied at checkout. 


  • Tweeting about our programs gives you Koins. 
  • Sharing helps others benefit from our programs!
  • Sharing our programs to Facebook gives you Koins.
  • Please only share if you've found a program valuable.
  • Tell us how we can improve, and be as critical as you want.

Be Yourself

  • After your first purchase you get 200 Koins
  • On your birthday you get 200 Koins, so enter that info!
  • Help others know where the best deals are by referring friends to LK with your code.

Click here for more ways to earn Koins.