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Epoch Integra LE Glove

$129.99 $129.99


The NEW Integra LE Glove is the next evolution in protection, comfort and performance. The LE was engineered for the highest-level athlete thanks to in-game testing and insight from Epoch’s Pro Athletes in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL). The New Integra LE Glove features composite material in key slash zones, Epoch’s Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stacks and a brand-new technology for 2020 – ARIAPRENE®, providing you with maximum protection on the field. Experience the LE’s streamlined design with Epoch’s new molded cuff for enhanced wrist mobility. Feel the performance with a truly seamless and one-piece palm and achieve maximum comfort. Plus, the Elite offers Epoch’s Player Core Control featuring S. Café® Technology that helps cool, reduces odor, dries quickly and provides UV protection during game play. From protection and mobility to comfort and performance, the Elite Glove is a must have for players this season.