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STX Surgeon 700 Head

$89.99 $89.99

SKU 10100321

Surgeon 700™The Surgeon 700. This head has been specifically engineered for elite attackers who are looking for personal precision. With all-new technologies, such as Channel Lock™, EnduraForm™ and our Suspension Rail, we've given you every opportunity to customize your pocket with endless options. It features enhanced stringing options to give you the Custom Surgeon Experience. It had 20 sidewall holes, two sidewall rails, and one Channel LockTM for unmatched pocket control.Channel Lock™A recessed stringing hole in the center of the scoop allows you to string tighter channels than ever before.ResilientThe Surgeon 700 is our first head built with EnduraformTM, which is a brand new, proprietary material blend that enhances performance in a wider array of temperatures because lacrosse isn't only played in the spring.UP TO 25% Stifferthan standard nylon at higher temperatures.UP TO 15% MORE DURABLEthan ACP at cold temperatures.*percentages based on STX lab test resultsShortened Throat DesignA shortened throat design allows for more control so you are able to get closer to the ball, complete with built-in handle support to reduce head rattle.Cored Out ScoopThe cored out Speed ScoopTM has been player tested and approved. We've altered the original design for the Surgeon player to enhance ground ball pick up in tight quarters.High Pinch StructureA higher pinch creates a tighter channel which allows for a more accurate release.For the Best FitThe Surgeon 700 was designed to work best with these handles, which allow the optimal fit of the Throat Plug technology.Surgeon Sc-Ti Surgeon Sc-TiSurgeon SC Surgeon SCStallion 7000 Stallion 7000Stallion 6000 Stallion 6000