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STX Ultra Power

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SKU 10100325

Ultra Power™The Ultra Power™ head features revolutionary Power Ramp™ (patent pending) geometry to improve shot speed and consistency for the elite offensive player.A Head Imagined & Engineered To Make Your Shot FasterNearly five years ago, we began an exploration of Jai Alai, an intensely fast sport that originated in Spain. Jai Alai is played with a cesta, a piece of equipment which resembles a basket with a curved scoop that can produce shot speeds of nearly 200 MPH. Over time, we've mastered this sport's unique mechanic of velocity and translated it to the sport of lacrosse.The Evolution of the DesignStarting with the Jai Alai cesta, we went through multiple iterations of modified heads to mimic the angle of the scoop for maximum performance and speed. Using a variety of heads and other products, we eventually came to the final Ultra Power design and created the Power RampTM.Channel LockEnhance the amount of tension in the channel of the pocket for optimal control.Speed ScoopThis design enhances groundball play by minimizing drag for quick scooping.EnduraFormAdvanced proprietary formulation for better toughness in a wider array of temperatures.