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Lax Kong and JM Strings have teamed up!

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A Letter from your stringing expert:

Powered by Lax Kong and my decade of stringing experience, we're proud to present a stringing service that delivers convenience and quality through insight. Our seamless process guides your selection for the most suitable head, pocket and strings for your needs, while allowing your personal touch of color options. We include all skill levels with options across three tiers: Versatile, Competitive and Specialist

In order to honor the traditions of the craft, we openly encourage you to contact me directly through Instagram @JM.Strings if you're interested in a fully custom job. You can also schedule a visit to our Plano location, so I can watch your form in our shooting range and provide first-hand analysis and recommendations.

Forget about your "good enough" pocket that you've become used to and unlock a new level of confident consistency. Though one pocket option may be similar to your local expert, I put love in every lace. Thanks to Lax Kong, you now have a one-stop-shop for your complete stick.

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